About Scarletfruit

Why the name...?

Scarletfruit encapsulates a world of luscious colour and sensuality.  My actual name is Karen Amanda Harris and I live in London, UK.    

What, how and why...?

My work is based on the mystical properties of myth, magic and mathematics.     

I use Promarker (Letraset/ Winsor & Newton) and ink liner on watercolour paper - sometimes achieving extra vibrancy with gel pen, glittery nail varnish... and even correction fluid!

There's a real pleasure in trying to find that elusive alchemy of colour and shape from the myriad possibilities. Plus the whole process is both deeply, deeply meditative and immensely thrilling.       


I'm always delighted to welcome visitors to my site, and to respond to any queries or comments that you may have. Please fill in the Contact form on the Home page if you'd like to get in touch.